About Us

Brakes-Shop is the retail division of Advanced Performance Parts B.V., which is part of the APP Group, with offices in the Netherlands, California, Michigan, and the U.A.E.


Brakes-Shop is the leading online retailer of performance brake parts with the biggest StopTech warehouse in Europe. Next to STOPTECH we stock brake components from several high-end brands in the industry, such as HAWK PERFORMANCE, GIRODISC, CENTRIC PARTS and others.

We offer the best customer service. All brake enquiries are handled by our experienced sales team which is supported by a team of engineers. 

Due to these facts Brakes-Shop has become one of largest online retailer in high quality performance brake components in Europe.


Advanced Performance Parts B.V.

Advanced Performance Parts B.V. based in the Netherlands is the official main distributor for StopTech Braking Systems in Europe. With an unparalleled level of research and development with our partners in North America and our own engineers, we continually innovate and expand our knowledge in brake technology for the street and track, providing our customers the best of the best when it comes to braking.


The APP Group

We are specialized in 2 specific segments:

The supply (with our manufacturing partners) of both high performance components and systems, and accessories, to the vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota (TRD), Lexus (F Sport), GM (Chevrolet Performance), Chrysler (Mopar), Ford (Ford racing), Mazda (Mazdaspeed), Nissan (Nismo), and Subaru (SPT and STi).

The sale and distribution of high performance braking systems and other components to more than 65 countries worldwide for both the performance and the security industries.