Payment Information

Payment Options

Online orders must be paid in advance, prior to shipping the ordered parts. offers various payment options, depending on specific countries. Always available are Credit Card and PayPal.


We are using Buckaroo to handle our payments. Buckaroo is a full-service billing and payments service provider.
The payment traffic through Buckaroo is 100% secure. Buckaroo complies with the heaviest security requirements. Buckaroo emerged as the Best Payment Provider in the Netherlands from the Emerce Top 100 survey in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Payment Failed or Declined?

Did your payment failed? First, check if the money is written off. If not, then you can place an order again immediately.
Is the money depreciated from your bank account, but you have not received any confirmation by email after an hour? Please contact the customer service and quote your transaction number.

My Creditcard- or Paypal-payment is declined

Both Paypal and Creditcard payments are unfortunately sensitive to fraudsters. These payment methods are therefore objectively and automatically monitored based on a large number of criteria. A payment can be rejected if, for example, the CVC code or expiration date of the credit card is not filled out properly, but also when the order and payment takes place from an unprotected WiFi-location where more frequent fraud has been detected.